Welcome! This site is a hub for sex workers in Winnipeg to connect with activism, community, and resources. It first launched in December 2014 and is run by and for sex workers, with help from allies.

What’s new

  • November 2017: Our members contributed to a new article in The Uniter: Sex Workers Are Not Illegal by Jaz Papadopoulos
  • August 2017: SWWAC’s Winnipeg Bad Date List Consultation is now complete. Thanks, again, to everyone who participated in the survey and focus groups. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to help us with the next steps, too. Please read the report and stay tuned for future developments!
  • January 20, 2017: Thank you to everyone who participated in our online survey and focus groups about developing a new ‘bad date’ system in Winnipeg. The report is almost finished! We’ll share it on the Reporting Bad Dates page as soon as it’s available.


Looking for something from our more distant past? Check out our What have we done and Past media pages.