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How to reach us

Facebook: SWWAC: Sex Workers of Winnipeg Action Coalition

Twitter: @SWWACwpg



Winnipeg Sex Workers Unite: a discussion list for sex workers in Winnipeg to share advice, support each other and work on advocacy. This group is for current and former sex workers only. Click here for more information.

Sex Workers of Winnipeg Action Coalition: the listserv for us, the folks behind this website! If you’d like to get more involved with SWWAC and our work, the listserv is where to start. We send around news and articles, as well as information about our (in-person) meetings.

To join the listserv, you should know two things: 1) You should agree, more or less, with what we believe. Debating opinions about sex work is important, but this isn’t the space for that! 2) We do screen everyone who applies. 😉 If you’re ok with both of these points, go ahead and contact us through one of our social media accounts or through the form above. And we’ll go from there.