What do we believe?

  • We support the human and labour rights of people who work in sex industries.
  • We support Indigenous sex workers’ demands for bodily sovereignty.
  • Our framework is intersectional, and we stand in solidarity with the broader queer, trans, and migrant communities, and communities of colour.
  • We know that there are people who trade or sell sex who would rather not do so. We ally with social and economic justice movements to combat this.
  • We support the extension of labour regulations and protections governing workplace safety and health to sex work.
  • We believe that sex workers should identify their own priorities and be supported in addressing them.
  • We believe in evidence, science, and real facts. We oppose myths, moralizing, and moral panic.
  • We support laws that protect sex workers from harm, including prohibitions against extortion, sexual assault, forced labour, and other forms of violence.
  • We recognize that criminal justice systems and law enforcement tend to disproportionately target, arrest, charge, and jail people from marginalized communities, rather than protect them.
  • We therefore support the full decriminalization of sex workers, as well as their clients, friends, families, and other third parties.
  • We oppose Canada’s Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act and call for a new law that respects the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Canada v. Bedford.
  • We believe in having fun, and in the power of art and story-telling to get our message across.


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