For Researchers and Students

In 2019, SWWAC contributed to the book Sex Work Activism in Canada, edited by Amy Lebovitch and Shawna Ferris. Our chapter focused on detailing the work that SWWAC does locally to change the narrative from one that excludes sex workers to one that is more inclusive of diverse experiences and acknowledges that not all sex work is exploitative. You may purchase a copy of the book or consider borrowing it from your local library (if the library does not already have a copy, you may be able to ask them to purchase it).

For researchers

We have developed a Good Sex Work Research Checklist to help explain which projects we will participate in and which ones we won’t!

If the checklist tells you that you’re ok to connect with us, our Get Involved page will tell you how to do that.

For students

This website can be a resource for you. Before connecting with us, please make sure you check out the resources on our Learn More page. Our partners and friends can probably give you all the information you need!