Winnipeg Sex Workers Unite

[This listserv is currently inactive] – please reach out to us at or use our contact form! <3

Winnipeg Sex Workers Unite is a discussion list for sex workers in Winnipeg to share advice, support each other and work on advocacy.

This group is for current and former sex workers only. A sex worker is someone who exchanges their own erotic or sexual labour or performance for compensation. Sex workers include (but are not limited to): escorts, fetish workers, professional dominants, cam performers, strippers, phone sex operators, porn performers & models, erotic massage providers.

No clients, agents, directors, producers, managers, brothel owners who are not also sex workers themselves may participate in this group.

This group values sex positivity, anti-oppression, harm reduction, human rights & labour rights. We recognize that sex work is real work and that sex workers choose their work from the options that are available to them.

People of all genders are welcome in this group.

Currently our activity is limited to online, but we hope to begin having meet ups in the near future.

To join the list or if you have questions, please fill out the contact form below. You’ll receive a response as soon as possible. If you are a current or former sex worker and would like to join, please introduce yourself and provide at least one of the follow:

  • A link to your website and ads
  • A referral from a current group member or established sex worker
  • Indicate your willingness to meet and chat with us

These steps are to ensure the safety, privacy and confidentiality of the group.

To join the Winnipeg Sex Workers Unite listserv or ask questions, go to the Get Involved page and fill out the contact form.